About Diane and Brow Beauty
Diane Harwood, Owner of Brow Beauty by Diane

Diane Harwood, owner of Brow Beauty by Diane, received her microblading certification from Brow Design International out of New York City. She has a bachelor of science degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in landscape design, with a minor in art. She is the owner of d.harwood Pottery (Mudgirl) located at 196D Main Street in Winthrop. She has been making pottery for 15 years and has received awards for her pottery creations. As an artist, Diane was drawn to microblading due to its creative and artistic requirements and her previous experience working as a makeup artist at Clinique located in Bloomingdale’s in New York City. As a child who loved to draw, Diane was drawing eyes and eyebrows as she would watch her mom drawing on her brows while getting ready to attend a business function for the evening. Fast forward to the present, it’s uncanny that she’s creating eyebrows using the microblading and microshading processes!

In choosing microblading professional, Diane recognizes how important it is to have an artistic background as well as to continue being educated in the latest and greatest brow techniques.

Here’s a list of advanced trainings Diane has completed:

Deluxe Brows Mega conference in Las VegasPresentations from the top Permanent Make-up artists in the world.

Advanced PMU (Permanent Makeup Academy) Academy Intensive training with models for the Microshading technique.

Threading & Henna Institute in New York City —Threading and henna seminar in New York City.

Advanced PMU Academy — Advance color theory training with world renowned artist, Rahee Gu, from South Korea. She developed the “combre” method. Diane is the only PMU artist in Maine trained using this advanced color technique.

Girlzink — Las Vegas-One on one advanced training in permanent make-up removal. This skill is vital for those clients who want poor microblading or shading eyebrow work to be removed or a small tattoo removed.

What People are Saying

I learned of microblading through a friend. I was complaining to her about how long it took me to color in my eyebrows each morning. In my twenties, I over-plucked to the point where I virtually no longer had eyebrows. She explained the process to me and shared that she had a friend who was taking classes to become certified for microblading. At first I was skeptical. The idea of somebody essentially tattooing eyebrows on my face concerned me. My friend urged me to look up the procedure on the internet and to also call Diane. I did just that and am so happy I did.

Diane completely understood my need to acquire as much information as possible. She took the time to answer all of my questions fully. The one thing that I will add here that did not get covered during our initial conversation because I was so preoccupied with the procedure and results, is the fact that you can not get your brows wet, and can not sweat for one week after completing the initial procedure and again after touch up. I am a regular exerciser so this was a bummer for me. Go in with freshly washed hair; it will give you that extra day or two before you attempt shampooing without wetting your brows.  

What I Appreciate About Diane

  • Her honesty and integrity – She articulated she is a potter. She is used to long hours holding a utensil and guiding it until she gets accomplished results. She openly shared (three years ago) “I am not ready to do anybody’s brows yet. I am working on this daily through trainings and practice during free time. I need time so my hands acquire the muscle memory needed to ensure I give my clients just what they ask for.” This meant a lot to me. She was not out for fast money, and she respected how important it was to hone her craft. She knows she is working on faces and faces are the most significant component of appearance. She takes this seriously and will sit and listen intently to what you want.
  • Her easy personality. Any concerns and fears are met with acceptance and understanding. She is so personable, and open. It is evident she loves people, and enjoys serving them.
  • Her ability to meld what you want with the current trends in brows. She has cutting edge knowledge on brow shape. I am 53 years old. I thought I wanted a very high arch with a long tail. Diane explained that she would do that for me, BUT she shared, “I just want you to know, a long tail actually brings the face down, how about trying the short tail, if you want it longer, I will do that during part 2 of the process which is touch up. I stayed with the shorter tail and am extremely happy I did.
  • The clean and peaceful atmosphere Diane works in. It is a two-hour minimum process. Clean sheets, gloved hands, sanitized utensils, and a comfortable bed complete with an under the knee pillow is provided to ensure your experience is as enjoyable as possible. It is a private and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Diane’s continual check-ins as she works. I had very little pain during the procedure. The numbing agent used is very effective. When the numbing agent wears off, it feels like an intense sunburn. It is mildly uncomfortable, but completely bearable especially when you see the end result of your eyebrows.
  • The emoji timeline she sends you. There will be a time during the healing process where you think all is lost. Diane’s carefully crafted brows nearly disappear. I was so thankful to have the chart to reference to calm my worries that I was the unlucky candidate whose skin didn’t react well to the tattooing process.
  • Her expertise and attention to detail. I absolutely love my brows! I have received numerous compliments on them and the reduction in time as I apply my makeup is remarkable.

I am happy to field phone calls or respond via email or texting. I cannot convey enough how happy I am I went through this process with Diane. If you choose to do the same, you will be in competent and nurturing hands.