Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do Before My Eyebrow Procedure?

  • If you have an ideal shape in mind, bring a few reference photos with you to your appointment.
  • If you pencil in your eyebrows, please arrive with your makeup and eyebrow pencil as you normally wear it.
  • Avoid any blood thinning medication for a minimum of 72 hours prior to the appointment. This includes Vitamin E, Aspirin, Niacin, Fish oil supplements and ibuprofen as they are natural blood thinners.
  • Do not drink any alcohol or caffeinated beverages 24 hours before your appointment. (These are blood thinners and may cause more bleeding which will decrease color retention.)
  • If you have been on Accutane in the past, you must wait at least one year before considering this procedure.
  • If you arrive at your appointment with a new tan or sunburn, you will need to reschedule. It is highly recommended that you avoid intense sun exposure and tanning bed exposure 10 days before and after your procedure.
  • Avoid waxing the procedure area 2-3 days prior.
  • Avoid getting any type of facial peel at least one week prior.
  • You may want to shower ahead of time because you will need to avoid getting your eyebrows wet and over hydrated for the next few days until they heal.

The Process

The microblading and microshading procedures are done in two appointments which are included in your cost. At your initial appointment, Diane will have you complete consent forms and go over any questions you have. She will discuss your existing brow shape, your facial structure, and your eyebrow goals. Diane will then draw on the brows to get your customized shape which will include utilizing measuring tools. Once you approve your preferred brow form, a numbing cream is applied to your brows for 20 minutes. At this time, Diane will work with you to choose the appropriate color. When doing microblading, Diane will use a manual blade hand tool to delicately place the hair-strokes into the skin and apply pigment to create your natural-looking brows. If using the microshading method, Diane will use a handheld electric tool to gently place tiny dots of pigment into the brow area to create a beautiful soft brow. Diane may combine the 2 methods depending on your preference or needs. Diane will go over aftercare thoroughly and provide you with an aftercare kit. The entire initial appointment may take up to three hours.

The Healing Process? Is there any Down Time?

After the session, you will be provided with aftercare products and instructions. These must be used and followed to ensure the procedure area heals properly. 

There is no downtime for microblading. However, please note that your semi-permanent makeup will appear darker and more intense than expected for 1-5 days (30-40% darker) following the procedure as it oxidizes. Your brows may look about 10% thicker in shape. This is completely normal as the excess pigment is sitting on top of your skin. This will gradually fade during the healing process. Redness and swelling are minimal. It will typically take 14 days for the brows to heal. At about 30 days you’ll be able to see your final results. 

Your brows may appear very light underneath after they peel due to the tissue still healing from the inside out, even though the surface has healed. Your skin heals over the strokes and will take up to two weeks to naturally exfoliate itself. The true color will reveal itself once fully healed. Again, this all depends on your skin. High-quality pigments and equipment are used to ensure the best results.

Is Microblading for me?

If you have any of the following, Microblading will most likely not be the solution for you:
  • Excessive sebum (oily skin)
  • Overly sensitive skin
  • Seborrheic dermatitis (red, itchy, flaky, rash)
  • Allergies to organic plant essence
  • Allergies to topical anesthetics
  • Severe Acne
  • Moles in the procedure area
  • Keratosis
  • Keloid scarring
  • Facial psoriasis or eczema
  • Overly dry skin
  • Iron deficiency
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Previous tattoo that has not faded; incorrect shape
  • Any medical conditions that may affect the procedure (must consult with doctor)
  • Not able to maintain proper aftercare

What is the Golden Ratio?

(Golden Mean) is a fundamental geometric ratio found in almost every aspect of nature including the measurement of our faces.  It has been used throughout history in art, architecture and science.

The Golden Ratio is found by dividing a line as a way to create two segments where the smaller of the two sections is proportionate to the larger section as the larger section is to the total length.

In eyebrow design, the Golden Ratio is a crucial formula for determining the size, shape, and placement of the eyebrows. A special Golden Ratio tool is used to customize and find the optimal eyebrow size and shape based on the client’s facial structure.

A square image illustration of the golden ratio as it applies to faces